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Lotus by the Lake

Chipping Away

Fiona White

Already an artist, Fiona got a yearning to learn how to carve stone so she did a course in the north west of Ireland. While on the course she went on a Buddhist meditation retreat in the southwest and was slowly more drawn into Buddhism. Through this, she came across mani stones. It seemed a natural progression to start carving them and bring together stone work and meditation. While carving the first mani stone she met Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche and since then she has been on many trips to Bir in India, learning what she can. Carving when she can. Fiona has a commitment to carve 100 mani stones.

The benefit of mani stones is manifold. The mantras on the stone play and interact with the elements. It is said that they have the same energy, power and blessings as the Buddha they represent. And so, in the same way as chanting the mantra, creating and looking at them, has the power to heal and transform the mind. When they are out in the open, it is like they radiate the mantra and all the energy within it

Here are some beautiful examples of Traditional Mani stones , Fiona’s work and a link to her website with a video of her beautiful studio and environment in Ireland.

Mani mantra, Photo Fiona White

Mani wall, Chokling Gompa, Bir, Photo Fiona white

Vajra Guru Mantra, Photo Fiona White

Lotus by the Lake, Photos Fiona white