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Buddhist Nagpa women practitioner 63, wishes to exchange views and perhaps relationship with a peer of sorts…
on the shamanic path of CHOD in the Rime traditions.  Home base is BC Canada but spend most time in North Himachal Pradesch. Have been involved with the Tibetan lineage practices for 40 years. Lives in India most of the year. American by birth. email:



Fun loving Sergio

I’m a 41 y/o male living in Ballina , Australia wanting to share affection. I’m a generous, unconventional, independent guy with a healthy sense of humour. I’ve been associated with the Dharma mainly with DJK Rinpoche for over 10 years. I believe I can relate to a strong Dharma practitioner who is single, able to share affection unconditionally and has mutual respect as their main expectation. Be fun, be light, and be human!

Sergio Jacomy
Ph: +61 6681 1967
Mob: +61 401932837