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Immateriality – intention as Art

Raphael Zimmerman

In the near future there will be widely recognised art forms that need no longer be object based. One could think of them as pure intention, conscious actions, interrelations, or perhaps communication. Their expanded levels of awareness could be described as “Intention being the forth dimension” or simply as Immateriality, extending our collective consciousness as well as our collective experience -making entire new dimensions (of) our own.

Despite their previous ‘non-existence’, these new dimensions are emerging into ever more popular conscious existence, not least through our participation in virtual cyber worlds and via artists deliberately creating within the freshly recognised fields of Social Sculpture and Immateriality to mention but a few.

In the beginning these consciousness expansions took the form of mental enhancement and mind training techniques fostered by the New Age Rebellion meeting with Eastern spirituality and not least through the effects of recreational mind-altering drugs combined with art and music.

Today’s Immateriality then, is becoming a valid and important art form because through its’ appreciation we are widening our self-awareness both individually and collectively. Becoming ever more aware, we enrich reality, take greater responsibility and realise more of the creative beings we are.

As Joseph Beuys said: “Each and everyone here is an artist.” Being Beuys, he was already further along the track – was already proclaiming these new fields of experience as politicised realms from where to consciously radiate out into different environments.

Art today is no longer just about imagery, or even abstract ideas, but more subtly, about greater self awareness alongside a newly linked super-awareness á la Teilhard de Chardin’s ‘third step’ in human consciousness evolution known as Noosphere.


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