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Dzigar Kontrol Rinpoche No. 47, oil on paper

Expressing Truth

Dzigar Kontrol Rinpoche

By Dzigar Kontrol Rinpoche

“For me, painting is a means to express the truth one discovers through meditation. The essential practice of meditation is to allow the mind to express itself freely without fear or judgment. In each moment of awareness we encounter impressions of the outer world through our sense perceptions as well as our inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we are able to let this incredible array of experience be, without trying to reject what we fear or pull in what we are attracted to—when we relax into experience without trying to manipulate it in any way—we have a complete experience of mind, naked and unaltered. Painting, when it is free of such notions as beauty and ugliness or should and shouldn’t, can be used to express this complete experience of mind. When art evolves from this understanding it provides the possibility for those who see it to also experience the unfabricated nature of their own mind.”

Dzigar Kontrol Rinpoche

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No. 47, oil on paper By Dzigar Kontrol Rinpoche

by Dzigar Kontrol Rinpoche